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minutes of april LCAOM meeting 2010

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  • jimemdy
    Here are the minutes of the April meeting in Albuquerque 2010. If you have corrections please email the chair at librarian@fivebranches.edu. A copy of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2010
      Here are the minutes of the April meeting in Albuquerque 2010. If you have corrections please email the chair at librarian@.... A copy of the minutes should be available as well in the "Files" section of this group site.

      (Albuquerque * Thursday, April 8, 2010 * 9 am - 10:30)
      Chair: Jim Emdy

      1. In attendance:
      Claudia O'Neill, Sandra Lillie,ITEA; David York, AOMA; Vladimir DiBrigida, CSTCM; Pat Bernarding, Daoist Tradition; Teri Powers, AIMC.
      By telephone: Jen Hartman, NESA; Dan Kanaly, Chris Sheldon, Finger Lakes School, NY; Della Schupe, Ann Kempf, NW HealthÂ…Duluth MN.
      Thanks to support for the Council, a speaker phone system was made available to expand the reach of the meeting. We hope this service can continue at future meetings and it is probable that member libraries will help out in covering costs.

      2. Update on membership in subcommittees dedicated to specific library concerns.
      Formation of a subcommittee to explore the possibility of a Consortium of OM libraries to provide greater support and cooperation between members. This will involve review of past comments (email in Yahoo group) and active exploration of the consortium under the umbrella of CCAOM. Committee members are:
      Teri Powers, AIMC, Dan Kanaly, Finger Lakes, David York, AOMA
      Rick Severson has previously expressed interest in this committee but was not in attendance.

      3. Discussion of cooperation between LCAOM members and NLM PubMed search terms, including news of cooperation between an institute in China and PubMed.
      Western medical term sources do not adequately reflect the world of OM. The National Medical Libraries are working with OM libraries to provide more adequate terminology for search and categorization. A thesaurus already in print may soon be available and there will be cooperation with an institution in China on this topic. A subcommittee has been formed to facilitate this process: Members are:
      Jen Hartman, NESA, Ann Kempfe, NW Health.
      Naomi Boering has already begun some work in this area and will be invited to join this subcommittee. The LCAOM chair person offers to coordinate the overall effort of these subcommittees.
      The action taken on the above three items represent fulfillment of goals set at the October 2009 meeting in Idaho. We hope to be able to report our progress in these two areas at the next meeting.
      4. OM libraries and PubMed, especially DocLine.
      Searching the PubMed database from NML is free but sometimes only abstracts are available. DocLine is an interlibrary loan and document exchange service to which several OM libraries already belong. More OM libraries are urged to become part of DocLine-it is relatively easy to join (an online interactive tutorial is required), the service is basically free and staff of the West Coast and Pacific division are very helpful.
      The chair person will be sending in a separate email more details on carrying out this process.
      5. Presentation of printout of PowerPoint slides showing orientation to the Five Branches Library for new students.
      A PowerPoint slide show for orientation to library services and search techniques was discussed. It was developed by students at the Five Branches Library and is available for download and modification from the "files" section of the Yahoo user group.
      6. Evaluation of library adequacy and new information technologies.
      A short paper on procedures for evaluating adequacy of library services was discussed. The paper is in the "files" section under title "Evaluation.." Many of the databases, including PubMed, MDConsult and LibraryWorld(internet library data service used by Five Branches) are accessible from mobile devices such as iPhones, Blackberries, etc. WiFi is now generally available for internet connection. The NetLibrary ebook vender apparently has a good number of titles relevant to OM. Ebooks may be useful as a source for textbook materials, obviating the need for students to purchase as many hard copy books.
      A matter brought up at the committee meeting but not mentioned in the Chair's oral report at the general meeting on Friday concerned WiFi sensitivity. There are claims that WiFi signals cause health problems for some individuals. Perhaps this could be a research project for someone to pursue. The Chair will be doing some investigation in this area.

      Thanks to all who participated in our lively discussion, and special gratitude to the Council for support of telephone connectivity.

      Submitted April 12, 2010

      Jim Emdy, Chair.
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