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library evaluation.

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  • jimemdy
    Here is a document regarding evaluation points in determining adequacy of library services. it will eventually be put in the files section. this could be part
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2010
      Here is a document regarding evaluation points in determining adequacy of library services. it will eventually be put in the files section.

      this could be part of the agenda in April.

      Evaluation points for OM libraries.

      General consideration:
      Is the library an integral partner in promoting the mission of the institution? Do the collection and services provided reflect the institution's teaching/healing focus?

      Overall physical facilities.
      Does the library have sufficient space to accommodate normal use by students, staff and faculty? Are operating open hours sufficient to meet research demands?

      Computer and related facilities.
      Does the library offer the following computer/online services:
      --internet hardwired computers with printer capabilities?
      --is WiFi available?
      --is a photocopier available?
      --is there remote 24 hour online access to library resources such as the library catalog and research databases?

      Are the services provided sufficient to provide for present needs and allow for future expansion?

      The collection.
      Does the library have sufficient materials of all sorts to support the needs of the institution and meet the institution's stated goals? Is the collection current and does it grow as new requirements are added? Are there other institutions in the area which can provide services and material which the library does not provide? This could be through the use of public libraries or specific consortium-like arrangements.

      Collection management.
      Does the library have adequate management of the collection through software programs which are based either in-house or are internet based? Do users have access to library holdings and other research aids through computer/internet access? Is the system robust enough to meet current needs and allow for further expansion?

      Does the library have sufficient staffing to provide the research services required by the user base and the institution's mission? Is there a professional librarian on staff or is professional guidance provided by volunteer or contract arrangements? Are all staff members given adequate training for stated tasks.

      Does the library have through a variety of resources the tools and materials necessary to provide current awareness and literature competency? Is staff trained to provide guidance in doing research? Does the library use other research facilities such as public or medical libraries to supplement library services? Is there internet or other computer base for 24 hour remote access to research sites?

      Does the library receive sufficient funding through various sources to support the abovementioned criteria? Is there overall sufficient support from the institution for library functions?

      Institutional communication..
      Is there good communication between various parts of the institution to ensure that the library is an integral of the institution's mission?

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