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Chicago meeting agenda October 2008

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    This is a reminder that the Library Committee will meet on Wednesday, October 15th in Chicago at 1:30 p.m. Room at the hotel to be announced. Please submit
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2008
      This is a reminder that the Library Committee will meet on Wednesday,
      October 15th in Chicago at 1:30 p.m. Room at the hotel to be
      announced. Please submit items for the agenda through this group.
      Here is the tentative agenda. Hope to see many of you there.

      1 Implications of the new ACAOM library evaluation format.
      I am working on getting the form for distribution.

      2. Possibility of forming local consortia to jointly purchase more
      expensive databases.
      Evaluation of research resources available from within the libraries,
      in the community and available for purchase.

      3. Procedures for providing materials to faculty--purchase or loan
      from the collection?

      4. Library role in preparing students for local and national
      Book lists relative to the exams will be available at the meeting.

      5. Implications for CCAOM libraries of ACCAHC research efforts.

      From a recent meeting of ACCAHC

      Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care
      ACCAHC Research Working Group (RWG) Sets Priorities in Face-to-Face
      Retreat July 22-23, 2008
      After a year of phone conferencing, the ACCAHC RWG met face-to-face at
      the home of co-chair Christine Choate, DC, PhD, director of the
      research center at Palmer College. All but one of the RWG members were
      able to attend. RWG co-chair Richard Hammerschlag, PhD, from the
      Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, chaired the meeting. The group
      first clarified a mission statement:
      ACCAHC Research Working Group Members at the July 22-23 Retreat
      Left to right, standing: Reed Phillips, DC, ND, Mitchell Haas, DC, MA,
      Carlo Calabrese, ND, MPH, Martha Menard, PhD, CMT, Wendy Weber, ND,
      MPH, PhD, Lixin Lao, LAc, PhD, Janet Kahn, PhD, LMT, Heather Zwickey,
      PhD (observer)
      Seated, co-chairs: Christine Choate, DC, PhD and Richard
      Hammerschlag, PhD
      Not present: Patricia Herman, ND, MS, PhD, David Barnes, PhD
      Photo (and ACCAHC staff person): Beth Rosenthal, PhD, MBA, MPH

      The mission of the ACCAHC Research Working Group is to promote mutual
      understanding, collaborative activities, and interdisciplinary health
      care education through research. The RWG members agreed on three
      broad recommendations to begin fulfilling this mission: 1) shift
      culture at CAM institutions to embrace research; (2) re-direct the
      research agenda regarding these disciplines so that it is of use to
      the professions; and 3) build research capacity within the different
      disciplines. The group decided that #2 was too large for that meeting,
      and tabled it for the time being. Subgroups developed action steps to
      move #1 and #3. A key focal area is practice-based research networks
      (PBRN). For more details, please contact us. Good work!

      6. Classification scheme in Library of Congress and NML schemes for
      cataloging materials about acupuncture.
      Proposed schedules:
      W class NML
      WB369 General works, including acupuncture therapy
      WB369.5 Special topics, A-Z, e.g.
      A17 Analgesia
      E2 Ear
      WB371 Cupping, counterirritation

      RM class LC
      RM184 Acupuncture, general works
      RM184.1 Laws and legislation
      RM184.2 Manuals and textbooks, e.g. Deadman
      RM184.3,4 Unassigned
      RM184.5 Points, Meridians(current LC practice)
      RM184.6 Unassigned or possible assign to specific areas,m e.g. .K7
      Korean Acupuncture
      RM184.7 Acupressure
      RM184.8 Five Elements
      RM184.9 Special topics, A-Z, e.g.
      .C9 Cupping
      .H5 Hand, limbs, etc
      .K7 Korean (or in RM184.6?)

      Animal acupuncture in SF.

      Jim Emdy
      Five Branches University
      Direct email: librarian@...
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