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minutes of lcaom meeting april 30, 2008 in san francisco

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  • emd89bz
    Please find attached the notes from the LCAOM meeting in San Francisco on April 30, 2008. May 1, 2008 Minutes of CCAOMLCAOM meeting in San Francisco, April
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      Please find attached the notes from the LCAOM meeting in San
      Francisco on April 30, 2008.

      May 1, 2008

      Minutes of CCAOMLCAOM meeting in San Francisco, April 30, 2008

      In attendance: Jim Emdy, Five Branches University (Chair), Claudia
      O'Neill (ITEA), Autumn Grubb (Dragon Rises), Johnathan Heywood (Yo
      San), Naomi Boering (Pacific College, San Diego), Minmay Liang
      (ACAOM, Houston), Andres Beth (ACCHS, Oakland Ca.), Mahate Osborne
      (AIMC Berkeley, Ca.)

      1. Discussion of an information packet provided by the Chair,
      including minutes of the last meeting in Portland, library survey,
      software evaluation and book lists.

      2. Discussion of impact of a doctoral degree on library resources.
      In general, smaller libraries may face more difficulties in this
      area. The consensus was that a multi-faceted approach is needed to
      assess and create the necessary resources for a doctoral degree.
      These resources include books, AV resources and sources of current
      awareness of developments in the alternative and mainstream medical
      arenas. Physical periodical holdings and online resources must be
      adequate to address the needs of the institution, and sufficient
      tools and training should be provided to utilize them. Some of the
      resources can be developed in individual libraries, while other
      information may be gathered by using the resources of nearby public
      and college libraries.

      3. How are libraries to be evaluated for resource adequacy? A three-
      prong criteria set was discussed:
      A. Assessment of the goals and mission of the institution.
      B. Assessment of the library and information resources in
      relation to A.
      C. Assessment of the tools and training needed to make
      resources available.
      Mere qualitative examination of a library, e.g. number of titles,
      computers, etc may not be giving the best picture of library
      performance, but are part of a larger, quantitive analysis, taking
      into account also
      D. Sufficiency of budget resources.
      E. Future plans to enhance information programs.

      It should be understood that these criteria are goal-oriented
      suggestions and not a formula for specific lists of required texts,

      4. There was some discussion about current periodical materials,
      whether it can be done entirely online, It was generally agreed that
      there should also be basic physical copies of ournals to at least
      supplement online resources.

      5. Naomi provided information on Cybertools for libraries, a major
      software package used by a number of the larger schools of Oriental
      Medicine. Libraryworld.net was also mentioned, and a number of
      libraries are using this software. Libraries using the same software
      package may be able to form "union" connections, which allows for
      direct sharing of catalog records. She also provided information on
      a program called Marchive, which provides offsite catalog services
      and maintains a database which can later be converted to a an
      internet library software provider. Access to the OCLC database
      provides many usable catalog records, particularly for items in
      Chinese, Japanese or Korean languages.

      6. A very provisional survey of library size and resources was
      presented and discussed. It is clear that there is great disparity
      in the size and scope of member libraries. A more refined survey may
      be carried out to get a sense of the OM library world and assist in
      finding ways to provide mutual assistance.

      7. The group recommended that libraries that are not part of the
      CCAOMLCAOM group at Yahoo.com be encouraged to enroll. The only
      requirement from Yahoo is that you have or establish a free email
      account with the provider. We urge the executive director to send a
      blanket email to school presidents to encourage wider participation
      in the group, which currently has about 30 members.

      8. The next meeting of the group will be in Chicago, Ill. in October.
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