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  • David Sale
    Sep 1, 2005

      Could you please get in touch with Della Lawhon at NESA
      (dlawhon@...) concerning this issue. I am also copying Della on this
      e-mail. Della recently asked about the possibility of persons who are
      not affiliated with any Council member college being part of the LOOM Yahoo
      Group, such as librarians and acupuncturists not from AOM schools,
      researchers, or just any interested person. Per your e-mail query, outside
      consultants to AOM school libraries might be another category.

      I mentioned to Della that in general, participation in Council
      committee activities (including those of LOOM) is a benefit of membership in
      the Council. Thus, only representatives from the Council's member colleges
      participate in committee work and meetings. However, in view of the fact
      that this issue is of first impression, and partly because LOOM could be
      viewed a little differently in some respects than other committees because
      of its interdependency with non-AOM library networks, Della and I were
      inclined to let LOOM have a discussion concerning the matter at the Chicago
      LOOM meeting.

      One issue is whether there may be different categories of persons
      who could rightfully participate in LOOM meetings and/or the LOOM Yahoo
      Group. For example, is there a valid distinction between someone who is
      actively working with a member school library as a consultant and other
      outside persons? Suppose LOOM wanted to invite an outside consultant to
      address its meeting...that would not seem to be a problem inasmuch as the
      Council has brought in outside persons to assist with weekend workshops and
      with plenary panel presentations on certain subjects, such as technology in
      the classroom. Certainly, it would be in the interest of the Council to
      assist LOOM in its work, but consistent with what I believe is a valid
      principle that participation in Council activities and committees is a
      benefit for members only. These are some of the issues that could be
      discussed at the LOOM meeting and perhaps form the basis of a recommendation
      by LOOM.

      Because of the importance of this issue for LOOM and the general
      principle of participation in Council activities as a member benefit, I have
      also copied Council President Lixin Huang on this e-mail.

      Thank you,


      David M. Sale
      Executive Director
      Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
      3909 National Drive
      Suite 125
      Burtonsville, MD 20866
      Telephone: 301-476-7791
      Fax: 301-476-7792
      E-mail: executivedirector@...
      Web: www.ccaom.org

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      Subject: [ccaomloom] question

      Hello All,

      I am Warner Seem's assistant at TSCA. We wanted to invite our library
      consultant to the LOOM group, any ideas on how to do that?

      Thank you!
      Emilie Unterweger

      Tri-State College of Acupuncture
      80 Eighth Avenue, Suite 400
      New York, NY 10011

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