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87re: Portland meeting

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  • thorns2go
    Sep 13, 2007
      I am too am working with a small library and the limited budget that
      comes with it. I agree with the suggestions of Ewa completely!

      I regret not being able to attend the meeting. I am very interested
      in any catologing information that has been developed for
      TCM/acupuncture collections. This would be very helpful shared

      I'm not clear of the logistics required to develope into
      unionization. Increased networking and mutual help on common
      libraries problems is of great importance and interest here.
      I hope this is of use with your Agenda developement.

      Rebecca Stansbury, Librarian

      American Institute of Alternative Medicine
      Phone: 614-825-6255 ext. 231
      Fax: 614-825-6279
      Email: rhawthorne@...
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