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54Appointment of New Chair for LCAOM

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  • sl_dvd
    Mar 6, 2007
      Dear LCAOM Committee Members:
      As you know,Della Lawhon, the former committee chair, resiged her
      postion at NESA to pursue full-time AOM practice. The Council's
      Executive Committee solicited applications for the chair position and
      was recently pleased to appoint Jim Emdy, the librarian at Five
      Branches, as the new committee chair. I do apologize for not notifying
      the committee of this appointment sooner but I mistakenly thought I had
      notified the full Council. The LCAOM Yahoo Group is the most active
      among the Council's Yahoo groups and your interest and work is to be
      applauded. Thank you also for supporting Jim in his new leadership

      David Sale,
      Executive Director, CCAOM