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504RE: [ccaomlcaom] re: meeting potential

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  • Andi Houston
    Mar 18, 2013



      I have used go to meeting many times, it’s easy to use and works well.


      Andi Houston

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      Forwarded is a note from David Sales, Executive Director of CCAOM regarding a remote "virtual" way of meeting. What do you think. We can discuss in Idaho (Thursday, May 16th, Coeur d'Alene 2:30-4:00).
      The Executive Committee is actively exploring more "virtual" options for some of the committee meetings and wanted you to add to the agenda for the Libraries Committee meeting at Coeur d'Alene a topic concerning "Feasibility of the Go to Meeting Web Platform for meetings of the Libraries Committee" for future meetings of your committee beginning with the Council's Fall meeting this year. At this time CCAOM, through the national office, has an account with Go to Meeting and is supporting any committee that wants to use this platform to hold a committee meeting by giving the committee chair CCAOM's password to initiate a meeting. The Council pays a monthly fee for this privilege. As I understand the way the platform works based on the type of account the Council has (i.e., a "personal account" not a more expensive corporate account), there is free audio only if meeting participants have speakers and a headset and actually join the meeting online. Any straight phone call into the meeting without participating online is billable to the calling member's (or school's) long distance carrier.

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