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482denver meeting minutes, preliminary

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  • jamesemdy
    Nov 19, 2012
      Thursday, November 15, 2012, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
      Preliminary minutes. Please provide corrections as needed.
      Chair: Jim Emdy, librarian, Five Branches University; librarian@...
      Location: Clayton Room (JW Marriott Hotel, Denver, CO)
      T Marilyn Kahn, Librarian, Eastwest School; mkahn@...
      T Bethryn Boni, Dean, CSTC; bboni@...
      T Teresa Imfeld, Librarian, Dallas Traditional; timfeld@...
      T Naomi Broering, Library Director, PCOM; nbroering@...
      Robert Lynch, C.A.O., FCIM; blynch#fcim.edu
      Corine Danchik, Academic Dean, CSTCM; dean@...
      John Nieters, President, ACCHS; jnieters@...
      Linda Ballantine, Librarian, Middle Way Acupuncture; linda@...
      Sandra Lillie, President, ITEA; president@...
      Lisa Wood, Librarian, SWAT; librarian@...

      T indicates contact by conference phone. Thanks to the council for providing this support.

      1. New attendees to the meeting were urged to join the yahoo user group LCAOM. It is free and the first step to receiving information about cooperative efforts.
      2. How is your library located from the institute's website? Each institution seems to locate the library link (if any) in various places, e.g. under research, current students, or directly on the institutions home page.
      3. Recommend reading:
      Research trends, e.g. "Post-paradox: Room for View," article by Will Morris,
      PhD, DAOM, LAc, in Acupuncture Today (August 2012),

      4. How are donations to the library handled? Generally the donor(s) receive communication to the effect that all donations are accepted but not all will be part of the permanent collection. A plate may be placed in books added to the collection. Other materials may be given away, resold or otherwise treated. The library may provide a list of donations but is not responsible for IRS considerations.
      5. Migration from Yahoo group to Drupal platform CCAOM.NET. This platform provides for more features, including wiki-interactive editing of documents. Eventually all contacts and files contained in the Yahoo user group should be repositioned in ccaom.net. (See also item 8)
      6. Some discussion of library matters such as classification systems.
      7. Assessment of library use and effectiveness. Libraries were urged to use various tools to measure how the library is serving their constituents. Such information can be useful during site visits. Below are some tools that can be used.
      A. Survey monkey
      B. In-house user surveys(e.g. # of people in library, type of service provided, such as circulation and reference questions, copier and printer problems, etc.)
      C. Compiling user statistics. Some library software packages supply such information as number of items circulated, number of hits on online public catalogs, etc.
      8. Update on Consortium Subcommittee issues.
      Thanks to the work of the subcommittee on Consortium issues and input from David Sales, the following was decided:
      1. A full scale library consortium with bylaws, staff, webpages etc is not possible at this time. CCAOM cannot provide an umbrella for such an organization, nor are libraries ready to pursue this option now. Interim measures will be explored,
      2. As mentioned above, all libraries not part of the Yahoo group should join.
      3. Library members should also join CCAOM.net. Both Yahoo and CCAOM.NET are free.
      4. A survey of members will be prepared to establish a list of up to three databases members would like to subscribe. Those vendors will be queried as to rates for a group of interested library members, which might enter into a Memorandum of Understanding regarding billing, use and information sharing.
      5. The Southern California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC) will be examined as an avenue for purchasing databases at reduced rates. It will also be determined if out of California libraries can become part of the SCELC, possibly as affiliates.
      6. Libraries are urged to become part of the DocLine document delivery system from the National Libraries of Medicine.
      The next meeting will be from May 14th to May 18th 2013 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Meeting times may be reduced to 90 minutes.
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