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472amended agenda for Denver meeting

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  • jamesemdy
    Oct 2, 2012
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      CCAOM. Thursday, November 15th, 6:30-

      Tentative Agenda.

      1. Introductions

      2. How is your library located from the institute's website?

      3. Research trends, e.g. article by Will Morse in Acupuncture Today.

      4. How are donations to the library handled?

      5. Migration from Yahoo group to Drupal CCAOM.NET.

      6. Integration of the library in the curriculum.

      7. Assessment of library use and effectiveness.

      --survey monkey

      --in house user surveys

      =compiling user statistics.

      8. Update on subcommittee on consortium issues.

      Meeting will take place in the Clayton Room of the JWMarriot Cherry Creek Hotel. Telephone access for those who cannot attend in person should be provided.

      If you have additional items, please contact. Thank you.

      Jim Emdy