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446some agenda items for chicago meeting

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  • jamesemdy
    Mar 28, 2012
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      the meeting of the library committee of CCAOM takes place on April 26, Thursday, 6:30 pm CST at the North Shore Westin, Chicago. I assume telephone connection will be available. Here are some suggestions for agenda items:

      1. Consideration of the accreditation document, which may be ready for a vote by the full council to submit ti ACAOM.

      2. Informational discussion of using mixed method qualitative/quantitative research methods in Oriental medicine.

      3. Discussion of OM libraries and social media: does your library have a facebook account?

      4. Role of libraries in researching/maintaining information on herbal compounds, vendor reliability, etc.

      5. Progress report on library committee presence in CCAOM.NET.

      6. Consideration of past unresolved issues, e.g. formation of a consortium. On this issue I feel that if we are to proceed, we need a fully involved committee to work on this.

      Supporting documents will be provided as needed. Please comment and make suggestions. Thank you.
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