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442RE: [ccaomlcaom] item for chicago meeting: mixed method research

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  • Boni, Bethyn A. M.L.S.
    Mar 26, 2012
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      What is the agenda item?  Why are we looking at these two research methods?  Are we looking to compare the two methods to evaluate a library?  Is the discussion just to educate us on the types of survey methods we could/should use? I would not think it to our advantage to have an accrediting body tell us which type of survey to use. :-)




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      Here are two articles on using quantitative and qualitative research methods in tandom. item for agenda in chicago april

      Mixed Methods Sampling: A Typology With Examples.

      From Journal of Mixed Methods Research 2007; 1; 77, by
      Charles Teddlie and FenYu
      Advancements in physical therapy research:use of mixed methods

      From Physical Therapy, Online publication November 2008, by Lauren Rauscher and Bruce Greenfield

      In PubMed, "mixed methods" is keyword only; qualitative research is a MeSH term. I believe mixed method research is a promising approach to examining the efficacy of OM.

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