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  • Rick Severson
    Feb 24, 2012

      I agree with Bethyn.  To rely upon surveys for assessment is a step backwards in the accreditation arena I think.  We need outcomes that are more objectively measurable, but tied to the curricula, not to the old “input” statistics (how many books, etc.).  That is the direction that regional accreditors are moving toward, and libraries are expected to follow in that direction.  Rick Severson, National College of Natural Medicine


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      number of physical texts relevant to the program


      I request that we try to educate the accreditors to stop requiring libraries to have “numbers” of volumes.  Just because a library has 100 or 1000 volumes doesn’t make them a good library- what if the items are old, out-dated, and no longer relate to current course work? Honestly, to make numbers, libraries could just buy anything and everything remotely related to TCM - but that won’t make the items relevant or of value to the education of our students.  For about $1500.00 I could get 100 paperbacks from Amazon related to TCM, but are they really what we need?


      To ask students if the library has enough “number of physical texts relevant to the program “ - it might be “no” every time if a library does not have a policy on whether or not textbooks are purchased by the library and the use of these materials (in-house reserve, limited circulation, etc.)


      I believe it is a quality vs. quantity issue.  It might be better to use language that addresses a library’s ability to provide access to all material needed on a timely basis, and that the materials support the current curriculum.  It would be be tter to show high use for materials that support the curriculum, than to have 1000 texts, of which only 10% circulate and the rest are just to “make numbers.”


      Thank you,




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      Here is a statement written by Paul Karsten, who is worki ng with me on accreditation documentation.
      Here is a draft of some language for the ACAOM standard.

      Adequacy of learning resources is based on the assessment by the institutional community of the library's capability to support the specific mission and educational goals of the institution. Annual library evaluation by the institutional faculty and students shall provide at minimum assessment data on the adequacy of the following; number of physical texts relevant to the program, physical space available for study, hours of operation, computer resources and online databases, library organization, journal collection appropriate for goals of program, and professional assistance for library users. This survey shall also include opportunities for the community to provide recommendations for library development. This data, along with the annual inventory of library holdings and data on library usage congruent with the school's educational objectives, is used to demonstrat e the learning resources are sufficient to support the mission of the institution.

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