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424Library Amnesty Week sample email

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  • Andi Houston
    Nov 28, 2011

      Our next Library Amnesty Week is coming up, and several people liked this idea at the meeting, so here’s the email I’m sending out today for a sample:


      Do you have a library book in your car that you forgot to check out? Do you have a stack of library books on your desk that need to be returned? Did you accidentally leave with a reference book?


      We are holding a Library Amnesty Week next week, December 5-9. Bring your overdue, accidentally borrowed, and illegal reference books to the school and leave them in the “Amnesty Basket” in the library window. No questions asked! If you will not be at the school during this time you can mail them to the school and mark the box “Amnesty Week”. Any overdue books not returned by December 9th will receive notices and you will be charged for the value of the missing book.


      Please let me know if you have any questions!


      Andi Houston

      Academy for Five Element Acupuncture

      352.335.2332 | acupuncturist.edu