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370Library Visitors from the Public Community

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  • mahate rose
    Aug 26, 2011

      Hi All,

      Our college is having discussions regarding the degree to which to allow non-student and staff members to use our library. Historically we have allowed community (public) users to have access to library resources, but not to be able to check out books or have off-campus database privileges. We do not have a consumer resource section to our library, though we hope to develop one in the future. Since our library is up in the corner of a professional building, the only users from  the public we generally see are those in medical or affiliated fields doing research or prospective students. With the question arising now of potentially changing our current policy to restrict library use to only students and staff, I'm curious about how other OM college libraries handle this issue. What are the current policies and thinking out there regarding community library use? Any responses would be much appreciated. I'm happy to compile and share responses for any interested parties.


      Mahate Osborn
      AIMC Berkeley
      2550 Shattuck Ave.
      Berkeley, CA 94703

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