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348Cooperation with Accredidation Committee

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  • jamesemdy
    May 23, 2011
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      See below part of message from David Sales:
      I noticed that the committee is recommending that the Libraries Committee develop some recommendations for guidelines/outcomes concerning ACAOM's site visits of AOM libraries. In this reply, I have copied Jim Emdy, chair of the Libraries Committee, and Steve Given, chair of the Core Curriculum Committee, as well as Lixin. I believe this issue has been on previous agenda of the Libraries Committee too.

      If the Libraries Committee undertakes this project, it would seem desirable to establish an orderly internal process for developing and reviewing the guidelines/outcomes, perhaps leading ultimately to a recommendation from CCAOM to ACAOM. Here is one possible procedure for everyone's consideration and feedback:

      · The Libraries Committee immediately begins to develop the guidelines/outcomes, collaborating with those members of the Accreditation Committee who have an interest in this subject area. Jim, about how long would it take for your committee to develop these guidelines/outcomes? Kris/Beth, who would be the key members of your committee with whom Jim and his committee could collaborate?

      · After the Libraries Committee develops the guidelines/outcomes, the Libraries Committee submits them through the national office to the Core Curriculum Committee for review by the CCC at the Council's fall meeting in November. If the guidelines/outcomes are developed in collaboration with key members of the Accreditation Committee who are interested in this subject area, would that eliminate the need for any further review by the full Accreditation Committee? If not, could the Accreditation Committee (or a core group of the committee) complete its review before the fall meeting this year?

      Are there people out there willing to work on this topic?