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289asheville meeting.

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  • jamesemdy
    Oct 11, 2010
      In preparation for the Asheville meeting in November, I am asking member libraries to provide the following information:

      1. library role in enhancing literature competency.
      size of library
      number of students
      library activities which enhance liberature competency

      Five Branches University
      #students 400?
      size of library: 6000 titles
      activities: web based library orientation including search techniques; librarian assists in teaching research class; librarian facilitates docline requests.

      2. library liaison with non OM libraries.
      liaison with nonOM libraries

      Five Branches University
      size, students as above (if answering both questions no need to repeat this)
      activities: active liaison with Plane Tree Library in San Jose; exchange OM materials for recend Westmed materials; provide link to Plane Tree web site; in active communication with librarian there.
      also librarian is active in local public library as part-time oncall.

      the informaton gathered will be compiled and discussed in November

      Thanks for your help.
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