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  • jimemdy
    Mar 31, 2010
      This year's Symposium for Portland Area Research in CAM (SPARC) will be on Saturday April 17, 2010, focused on Research in Clinical Practice. There will be an afternoon breakout to explore effective collaborations of administration and librarians in the education and implementation of evidence-informed practice. As a pre-conference on Friday April 16th we are doing an afternoon program on CAM research methodology and teaching strategies--designed specifically for librarians. It is entitled "Librarians as Leaders in Evidence Informed Practice". Heather Zwickey, PhD, will present an introduction to methodological challenges to CAM research, Liz Sutherland, ND, will discuss CAM outcome measures (i.e. is health the absence of symptoms?), and Adi Haramati, MD, will discuss how librarians can help students and researcher who are new to CAM reach the appropriate literature with different teaching strategies.

      There will be both Portland area librarians and librarians from all of the CAM R25 schools. There are a limited number of travel scholarships available to librarians. Attached is the pre-conference flyer for your reference. Full SPARC brochure can be easily accessed at helfgott.org.