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227Minutesof October meeting 2009 in Idaho

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  • jimemdy
    Oct 22, 2009
      Here are the minutes of the October 21st 2009 meeting of LCAOM in Idaho.

      1. Discussion of subject headings relevant to OM which are not systematically or consistently covered in standard cataloging sources. Examples: five elements; Medicine, Chinese-Tibet OR Medicine, Tibetan.

      Action: reminder of a file for LCAOM users in the group under "headings"

      Action: further survey of cataloging librarians to explore establishing recommended subject headings for unique OM topics.

      2. Library role in institutional literature competency. General feeling that libaries are central to overall goals of the institutions and without robust libraries the DAOM will not be possible. Libraries should be regarded and supported for a variety of learning, teachng and research capabilities beyond maintaining a valid collection of materials. Perhaps libraries should be termed " Learning Centers" or something like that. Libraries should be integrated into the development of curriculum decisions and research needs in an organic way. Currently there are serious problems in communication between libraries and academic and administrative entities.

      Action: Active recruitment of a subcommittee to work on these issues.

      3. Discussion of forming a library consortium. General feeling that libraries must work together, particularly in times of tight budgets. Some information on possible consortium services is found in the files section of this yahoo usergroup.

      Action: Active recruitment of a subcommittee to seriously work on formation of a cooperative consortium.

      The chair of the committee will serve on these committees and is willing to coordinate group efforts. Ter Powers at AIMC is already on board for the consortium subcommittee.

      There was consensus that it is time for libraries to become a more active part of the overall AOM mission and it is hoped that vigorous efforts by the group and subcommittees in cooperation with other elements of the teaching institutions will yield results.

      4. It has been the case for some time that a majority of library personnel cannot make it to the semiannual meetings, due primarily to coast considerations. Some kind of conference call meeting or skype connection should be explored.

      Action: It was decided to develop some kind of conference call meeting to get wider participation regarding the pressing issues of OM instruction in these days. The conference would be held at a time which would not discourage individuals from attending semiannual meetings in person.

      Submitted 10/22/2009
      Jim Emdy
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