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200Re: [ccaomlcaom] Thesaurus for cataloging TCM materials

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  • Naomi Broering
    Aug 14 7:49 PM
      I agree that the LC and MESH headings are often not useful for TCM.
      Sometimes, I go to OCLC to see if the item has been previously cataloged. Or, I go to a Chinese University to see if I can copy catalog.  University of Hong Kong ot Taiwan are possible sites.
      Regarding Original cataloging, If I believe the subject is important  I will enter it myself and then it is search able under subject or keyword.
      Another possibility is to put in MARC data Tag 505 contents.  Then it is search able by Keyword.
      Regarding a Thesaurus, There are some books that we could consider using as an index, something like the Materia Medica for herbs.
      Maybe we should explore developing a thesaurus.
      Naomi Broering
      Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
      San Diego, CA
      On Fri, Aug 14, 2009 at 8:34 AM, Ann Kempke <akempke@...> wrote:

      Hello all,
      When cataloging materials for your libraries, do you use a thesaurus that is TCM-specific?  For example, I am doing original cataloging of a book about collateral disease theory, and I find that both LC and MeSH headings fall woefully short of truly expressing the content of this book to our users.  Other examples of when a TCM thesaurus would come in handy is when cataloging materials about five element acupuncture (or other styles/theories of practice) or certain needling techniques.
      Or, alternately, is there a TCM-specific thesaurus that is used for indexing?  When cataloging chiropractic materials for my library or indexing for the Index to Chiropractic Literature, I use the Chiropractic Subject Headings, which is an LC-approved thesaurus for these purposes.  I checked http://www.loc.gov/marc/relators/relasour.html#rela655b to see if there is a similar resource for Chinese medicine, but didn't find one listed on this page.
      And if there isn't a thesaurus for TCM materials, what do you do when adding subject headings for the more unique items?  Our catalog is getting pretty full of the bland LC and MeSH offerings, such as "Medicine, Chinese," "Acupuncture," etc. 
      Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
      Ann Kempke
      Technical Services Librarian, Assistant Professor
      Northwestern Health Sciences University
      2501 W. 84th St.
      Bloomington, MN 55431
      952-885-5419 x221

      Naomi C. Broering, MLS, MA
      Dean of Libraries
      Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
      7445 MIssion Valley Rd. Ste 101
      San Diego, CA 92108
      Ph: 619-574-6909 ext 134
      Fax: 619-574-6641
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