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2RE: [ccaomloom] Yahoo for LOOM

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  • David Sale
    Jun 17, 2005
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      Dear LOOM Members:
      Attached are the reports of LOOM in my possession since it began
      meeting again at the November 2002 conference in Rosslyn, VA. In some
      cases, where I may have only a hard copy of the report, the attachment will
      consist of a summary that was incorporated into the minutes for the
      Council's general business meeting. I only have a hard copy of Della's
      report at the Newport meeting and would appreciate an electronic version for
      my files. Thus, Della's report for Newport is missing from the above

      I hope this is helpful. Thank you for your continuing interest and
      initiatives on behalf of LOOM.


      David M. Sale
      Executive Director
      Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
      3909 National Drive
      Suite 125
      Burtonsville, MD 20866
      Telephone: 301-476-7791
      Fax: 301-476-7792
      E-mail: executivedirector@...
      Web: www.ccaom.org

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      Subject: [ccaomloom] Yahoo for LOOM

      Hope everyone is well.

      I was thinking it would be handy to look back at earlier LOOM
      meetings. Does anyone have past minutes of LOOM meetings which they
      can post on the Files?

      While you're poking around the new Yahoo thing, I'm wondering if folks
      would be interested in using the Database function to build our
      directory? The benefits include that it will export clean data that
      can be put into an excel spreadsheet and sorted by different fields;
      maybe more importantly, it would allow members access to the most
      current data; and not lastly, each LOOM member could review and
      maintain their entry.

      What do you think?


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