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  • emd89bz
    Dec 19, 2008
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      Summary of proposed library consortium for Libraries of Oriental

      Consortium of LOOM schools. (inner circle)
      linked with schools in China (basic configuration)
      offering to join existing consortia university or health-care based

      Possibility of private grant funding (not governmental) to be

      Consortium literature:

      Selected information on library consortia.

      Searching with the term library consortia brings up much material.
      Here is a sample:

      Potter. William Gray: Recent trends in academic library
      consortia....; Library Trends, Winter 1997.

      Maryland library consortium: a white paper (I lost the author and
      citation information; search online for the title)

      Shachaf, Pnina: Nationwide library consortia life cycle; Library
      Trends ISSN 0024-2667.

      The relationship between copyright and contract law: electronic
      resources and library consortia; from the eIFL web page (see below)

      Revised guidelines for statistical measures of usage of web-based
      information resources; from ICOLC web page (see below)

      SirsiDynix: http://www.sirsidynix.com/Solutions/Markets/consortia.php

      Surveys of library consortia and sample web page of a single
      Library consortia in Oregon, Washington and Idaho:
      Web address: http://libweb.uoregon.edu/orbis/consort/

      Washington Research Library Consortium
      Web address: http://www.wrlc.org

      Web pages:
      SCELC: Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium:

      ICOLC: International Coalition of Library Consortia.

      eIFL: Electronic Information for Libraries