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  • Marcia Boland
    Jan 31, 2008
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      Hi everyone,


      Currently we allow alumni full library privileges, in house, and circulation. We have only offered this recently and so far it has worked fine. However, it has been in the back of my mind that it could be a problem because many of our students commute and become transient when first establishing their practices. David, your policy sounds like a good one, having them pay a fee signals a commitment to the school however small it may be, and may help minimize loss of materials. Thanks everyone for sharing your ideas.


      Marcia Boland

      Librarian/Academic Assistant

      East West College of Natural Medicine

      3803 N. Tamiami Trail

      Sarasota, FL 34234

      (941) 355-9080 Ext.104

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      Hello everyone; Our policy regarding alumni is that they are allowed full, free circulation privileges (as are currently enrolled students) for one year after graduation and then they have to pay an annual fee for each year thereafter (as do members of the general public).We have structured our Alumni Assoc. dues in such a way that the library privileges are included in the association membership fees. David York, MLIS

      Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin

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      Subject: [ccaomlcaom] ALUMNI LIBRARY PRIVILEGES



      I'm a new member to this Group and would like to ask a question:

      What policies do members have for their Alumni, specifically, if Alumni
      can use the Library free of charge or for a cost and if they have
      borrowing privileges from the Library?

      We're discussing this now in our Library Committee.

      Thanks for your help!

      Linda, Emperor's College of T.C.M.
      Santa Monica , CA

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