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RE: [cc2-dev-l] Encouraging XP development

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  • Simon Rogers
    Message 1 of 46 , Nov 16 2:13 AM
      1) Campaign Info - integrated (e.g. REQUIRES) MS-Access database.
      Alternatively this could use XML files to act as a "simple" database. Your
      idea of storing the info in the map would work, but too often a DM wants to
      create multiple maps at varying scales that would then have to contain the
      same information...

      For CC2 Space, we are creating an intermediate database format from which
      maps are generated on the fly, so all maps are linked to a central data
      source. Maps will update themselves on reloading. This idea would also work
      well for a campaign database. We will probably use CSV rather than Access
      format. The alternative would be to use a separate drawing containing only
      XP entities as a database - this would give all the search facilities built
      into the FastCAD API. Disadvantage - we'd need to implement a CSV
      importer/exporter so that others can share the data.

      2) Integrated VBA - This would create an Object Model to represent a CC2 Map
      and expose it. Users could then write code to manipulate their map in VBA
      rather than using the limited Macro Language.

      L. Lee Saunders has written a Visual Basic DLL which allows VB users to
      access CC2 via Intercom.

      BTW: I have modified my XP .h files so that they work with C++, not just C.
      Working in C++ would more easily allow multiple developers and splitting of
      the tasks required...just a suggestion!


      I am not really a programmer and have no idea if it will work, but it sounds
      good to me.
    • amdobritt
      I m willing to be a guinea pig. :) Tutorials on how to make an XP would be good too. Anna M. Dobritt Cartography Unlimited for RPGs
      Message 46 of 46 , Nov 15 8:04 AM
        I'm willing to be a guinea pig. :)

        Tutorials on how to make an XP would be good too.

        Anna M. Dobritt
        Cartography Unlimited for RPGs

        --- In cc2-dev-l@yahoogroups.com, "L. Lee Saunders" <saunderl@h...>
        > Everyone,
        > The Microsoft .Net Framework has been our since 2002. When it was
        > released I tried to integrate it with CC2. Building an unmanaged
        C++ dill
        > (XP) that ran under CC2 was simple but trying to call managed C# or
        > code from an unmanaged dll was out of the range of most casual
        > (Or full time programmers, like myself, that only wanted to do this
        for a
        > hobby and not for work.)
        > But now with the release of the 2.0 version of the Framework, most
        of the
        > interop issues are fixed so it is quite simple.
        > Microsoft is giving away the scaled down version of there IDE at:
        > http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/
        > You can download the C#, the VB and the C++ editions! To create a
        CC2 XP
        > dll you will also need to download (for free) the Win32 SDK, but
        that is
        > explained on the C++ express edition page.
        > I've rewritten the random name generator XP that I did as a bridge
        > C++ and VB6, in C#. It works flawlessly. This opens up the ease
        of use C#
        > for things like database access and forms programming. It does not
        get the
        > programmer out of having to learn the CC2 entites database and
        > though. Maybe a bridge can be created later but not now.
        > So, is there enough interest in writing hybrid C++/C# or VB.Net
        XP's on this
        > list for some tutorials? (I'll also need one or two guinea pigs as
        > Or, should we, as members of the list, concentrate on writing XP's
        in C++
        > and helping new programmers up the C++ learning curve?
        > L. Lee Saunders
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