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960Re: [cc2-dev-l] FCW -> SVG XP Alpha 2

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  • Peter Olsson
    Apr 18, 2012
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      CC3 has some special features that will do two scans with some DLScan. There is a DLScan1 function to force one pass scans. Just replace all DLScan with DLScan1 and see if that helps. 


      Skickat på språng!

      19 apr 2012 kl. 02:09 skrev BC Holmes <yahoo@...>:


      I've added a few more features to the XP, and rebuilt it, this time as a
      Release DLL (foolish me: last time I released the Debug DLL! My
      ignorance knows no bounds!)

      Here's a link to the DLL:


      New features:

      - support for symbol fills
      - scaling of diagrams
      - improvements to symbols

      Again: this is an unstable alpha version, and continues to have a bunch
      of limitations.

      Here's an example export from CC3 showing some of the symbol fills in


      When I run the export from CC3, I seem to get a much bigger SVG file
      than if I convert the file directly (almost double the size). I haven't
      investigated that, but I think I might end up pulling in more symbols
      when the XP runs. Hm.

      I also found that it took a bit longer to export this time (in the
      neighbourhood of 10-15 seconds). There's probably some dependence on
      file size. Something to investigate later.

      BCing you
      B.C. Holmes \u2625 http://www.bcholmes.org/
      "All my life I've wanted to be somebody; I guess I should've been
      more specific." -- Lily Tomlin

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