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952Re: [cc2-dev-l] FCW->SVG XP Alpha 1 Release

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  • Remy Monsen
    Apr 15, 2012
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      I gave this a quick test, and it produced some nice results.
      Obviously, it has the issues you already mentioned, but I noticed a
      few things:

      1. Size: Stuff that aren't village sized or larger comes out
      ridiculously small. Even with the max zoom in firefox, I was barely
      able to make out the features. IE allowed me to zoom a bit more

      2. Aligned hatch fills. I did a few tests with perspectives drawings,
      and while the hatch fills that lays flat (on the ground and top of
      walls) worked perfectly fine, the same fill styles when angled to fit
      the walls did not. (See http://home.broadpark.no/~cc3/inn.SVG [35MB]
      (Remember to zoom in) - PNG from original map:
      http://home.broadpark.no/~cc3/inn.PNG )
      Note that the server does not serve the correct content type for svg
      files, so you might need to download it rather than view it directly
      in your browser from the site.

      > The plugin can be activated by running SAVEAS from the CC3 command
      > prompt -- sadly, it does not appear to be available if you use the File
      > menu's "Save As..." option. The save dialog should have an SVG option.
      I believe that this is because the Save As command from the menu isn't
      really the save as dialog at all, it is the export dialog, and it has
      it's own list of file type filters.

      Remy Monsen

      On 15 April 2012 05:11, BC Holmes <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Per my previous email, I finally got my XP working.  It certainly
      > doesn't handle everything correctly, but I'd consider it an unstable
      > alpha version.
      > Here are some of the things that it doesn't yet support:
      > 1. Raster images of any kind
      > 2. Fill styles, other than standard solid fills
      > 3. Text placement is a little bit off, and no real Font support
      > 4. Special effects like shadows or glows
      > 5. Limited support for sheets and no support for layers
      > 6. Line styles (e.g. dashed lines)
      > I think it does a pretty good job of:
      > 1. Symbols and symbol usage
      > 2. Most items you'd expect to see in a vector diagram
      > 3. Multipolys and Splines
      > In general, it supports CC2 diagrams better than CC3 diagrams -- I've
      > certainly had a lot more examples to test with that were created with CC2.
      > I'd certainly welcome an alpha tester or two who was interested in
      > giving the first version a whirl.  Obviously, at this point, I can't
      > promise that it'll produce good results.  I'm 90% sure that it won't
      > crash your system, but obviously that's not 100%.
      > If you're interested, I've uploaded the XP DLL to my web site, here:
      > http://bcholmes.org/FcwToSvg/Fcw2Svg-alpha1.zip
      > This zip file contains a DLL that you can drop into your ProFantasy/CC3
      > The plugin can be activated by running SAVEAS from the CC3 command
      > prompt -- sadly, it does not appear to be available if you use the File
      > menu's "Save As..." option.  The save dialog should have an SVG option.
      >  On the machine I was testing with, the save seemed to take about 4
      > seconds for the diagrams I tested.
      > I should have some more features added in in a few days.
      > BCing you
      > --
      > B.C. Holmes             \u2625                http://www.bcholmes.org/
      > "All my life I've wanted to be somebody; I guess I should've been
      >  more specific." -- Lily Tomlin
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