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943Re: [cc2-dev-l] FCW->SVG C++ Progress

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  • BC Holmes
    Mar 26, 2012
      On 12-03-26 3:01 AM, Peter Olsson wrote:
      > I would suggest starting on #5 before doing #2 (info blocks) and #3
      > (layers).

      Okay. I started some work on this tonight. I ran through Lee's
      excellent tutorial about starting an XP in Visual Studio (I'm not a big
      Visual Studio user, and what little work i've done with it has been C#
      development). The tutorial mostly went off without a hitch. Thanks,
      Lee, for such great documentation!

      There do seem to be a number of different versions of the XP development
      kit floating around. I downloaded one from Evolution's site, but some
      of the #defines weren't included in some of those header files.

      But all is well -- there was a link in a previous email of this mailing
      list to the latest XP. So I think I'm good.

      > BTW, my guess is that CC3 sheets maps better to layers in other programs
      > and that it is probably a good idea to convert CC3 sheets into SVG layers.
      > The CC3 layers can be used as class names.

      Awesome! Thanks for that advice!

      BCing you
      B.C. Holmes \u2625 http://www.bcholmes.org/
      "All my life I've wanted to be somebody; I guess I should've been
      more specific." -- Lily Tomlin
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