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941FCW->SVG C++ Progress

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  • BC Holmes
    Mar 25, 2012
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      I spent more time on this over the weekend. I think my current progress
      is good. I'd say that I've currently ported 80-85% of the Java code to
      C++. Here's my To-do list:

      1. Additional fill types (symbol patterns, brush patterns)
      2. Process the interesting Info Blocks (fills, fonts, and layers)
      3. Put the parts onto layers
      4. Finish porting multi-polys

      And after that, I need to tackle this:

      5. Convert the library into a CC3 XP.

      So far, not much has been hard, just laborious. I've been compiling
      most of my code on my Mac, so I tripped up a bit with the Symbol
      References -- there's a pointer in the entity structure that's bigger on
      my 64-bit OS, and it threw off my symbol placement. But I got past that.

      By this time next weekend, I should have an alpha version to try out.

      BCing you
      B.C. Holmes \u2625 http://www.bcholmes.org/
      "All my life I've wanted to be somebody; I guess I should've been
      more specific." -- Lily Tomlin
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