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936RE: [cc2-dev-l] Multipolys and order

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  • John
    Mar 15, 2012
      If you want to send me the file, you can

      (Web Master link at Nightsaroundthetable.com)

      I am pretty good at finding them and I will give you step by step on how I
      found them and show you where they are so you can find them on your own in
      the future.

      The message was delayed, because I have not posted in over a year... I do
      not get to map in CC that much anymore and time seems short for following up
      on mail lists and forums



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      Oh, hey, this is strange. This email only just got delivered to me today,
      even though it's dated last Tuesday.

      On 12-03-06 7:43 AM, John wrote:
      > I suspect both are leaking Multipoly, meaning you have some error in
      > your construction.

      Oh, I wouldn't put it past me! But, conveniently, once I put in an
      algorithm to match end points, I got much better results.

      > No reason to use Multipoly for the back ground, I would kill that and
      > use a Square/Rectangle

      I hear what you're saying, but this is a case where I'm trying to process
      the file format as-is, rather than change the original source.
      The original file used a multipoly for the background -- I'm just trying to
      correctly interpret it.

      > This is a bit old and not updated, but comes from old Command of the
      > Week series. You may find it helpful. I need to update it, but most
      > everything still applies.

      It was tremendously helpful! Thanks a lot!

      BCing you
      B.C. Holmes \u2625 http://www.bcholmes.org/
      "All my life I've wanted to be somebody; I guess I should've been more
      specific." -- Lily Tomlin


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