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934RE: [cc2-dev-l] Re: FCW to SVG Progress

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  • Simon Rogers
    Mar 15, 2012
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      When I started this exercise, I feared that there might be some push back on
      the overall conversion. One way of looking at what I'm doing is to see it
      as something that enables people to take their maps out of CC3
      -- one might legitimately ask the question, "will people stop using CC3 if
      Inkscape or whatever is more easily available?" I think the answer to that
      is "no," because CC3 is specialized for a role that is very different than
      general-purpose vector art tools.

      I agree - many people do after effects in Photoshop, too.

      From the other perspective, an import filter would be very useful to CC3
      users - there is a lot of material out there in SVG format.

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