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932Re: FCW to SVG Progress

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  • bi11_h0ward
    Mar 13, 2012
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      I can see that included images of any type would be an issue, particularly if these are copyright as it is all too easy to 'extract' data from websites. The major problem being to sort out which images are (copyright) acceptable and which not.

      However the program itself would still be of major value to people like me who make extensive use of the vector facilities of CC3. Also (for me at least) Java isn't really an issue, as I can run it on any machine.

      I currently a problem with some my more detailed maps (for the web) where I need very high resolutions, as I get can aborts from CC3 (perhaps the 32bit limit?) and have to keep adjusting the resolution until it works. The program would (potentially) be a great solution.
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