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897RE: [cc2-dev-l] Re: FCW format and existing FCW->SVG code

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  • Simon Rogers
    Feb 21 2:03 AM
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      Mike can't post via yahoo groups, so he asked me to forward this:

      Entity type 5 is 2d Text. The "as built" reference is the ESTRUC.CPY file in
      the XP toolkit.
      ESTRUCO.CPY describes some older version entity structures.

      Reading assembly data structures is not very different from C structures -
      real4 for float, real8 for double, dword for int/unsigned int, word for
      short, and byte for char/unsigned char.

      Type 0x80 contains plot assembly data, and type 0x81 is the NOTE entity
      structure Types 0x80 and above are non-drawing entities.

      Brush fills are part of the Fill Style InfoBlock (See FSTYIB.CPY and
      There is no direct service for adding a fill style from a program - you will
      need to understand and modify the Fill Style InfoBlock record. (EType = 0)
      (IBType = 7).


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      Thanks for all the help, guys. I've made some progress, and the XP
      development kit headers have done a lot to clarify the file structure.

      I'm currently pulling my hair out trying to figure out how I'm going to
      handle brush pattern fill styles, but it's been a fun learning experience.

      BCing you
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