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890Re: FCW format and existing FCW->SVG code

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  • bcholmes2001
    Feb 20, 2012
      --- In cc2-dev-l@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Slayton <waldronate@...> wrote:
      > Make sure that your compiler is honoring the #pragma pack() that
      > defines the structure packing. Also make sure that it's not padding
      > the structure to the next packing boundary (for example, natural
      > packing for Pentium Pro and later processors is 8-byte or 16-byte
      > cache lines; some compilers will pack a 36-byte structure to 40
      > bytes to force 8-byte alignment in some cases).

      Thanks for the reply!

      I actually figured out my problem: the format appears to have changed. The file I was working with was an old version (the dbVer in the fileId was '21'), whereas the same block type (6) in version '24' is the correct 40 bytes long.

      I have another question: the existing code doesn't support from block types. I've noticed type 5 (which appears to be the type for text labels) and type 0x81 (metadata?). Does anyone know the structure for these types?

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