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888FCW format and existing FCW->SVG code

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  • bcholmes2001
    Feb 18, 2012
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      I'm trying to understand the FCW file format, and I'm using the existing FCW to SVG source code (from the attachments area) as a base. Sadly, it's making me very confused, and I was hoping that clear things up for me.

      I get the overall structure of the code -- my question is a really nitty-gritty.

      When I process each block in the source, I'm able to see the size and type of each block. For example, a type 6 block seems to map to a basic circle (the structure of which is defined in the header.h file). The common header of each block takes about 28 bytes. In addition to the common header, there are three float values, indicating the x, y, and radius of the circle.

      The part that confuses me is that when I try to run this code against some FCW maps, the circle blocks are consistently identifying themselves as 36 byte blocks, whereas the struct seems to be defining a 40-bytes construct.

      Am I somehow miscounting this? (I've done all the obvious things, I think -- I've sizeof'ed Cir2 and double-checked the logic in the file.

      Is this just something that never worked correctly in the original code? Or was the code written against a version of the file format that's no longer valid?

      Any help would be appreciated.

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