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863Iron python as a scripting language??

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  • Larry
    May 5, 2011
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      A long time ago (2003) there was a HUGE conversation about adding a new scripting language to CC3 (then it was CC2).

      Here is a link:

      Even though I am up to my neck working on the "Map Invoker" project, I thought I would brink this up to the list. Awhile ago, I took some time off of "Map Invoker" and worked up a demo/test project to see if I could integrate one of Microsoft's new scripting languages (IronPython) with CC3.

      Well, my little test worked. I got just enough done to be able to get data requests that return a point and to be able to dynamically add paths. Much more work needs to be done, but if completed, users would be able to write using notepad simple python script text files that can do nearly anything that normally needs to be written in a C/C++ XP addon.

      So, is anyone interested in helping with this project? (develop or test)

      All the dlls go in the root cc3 folder and the python scripts go in a "scripts" folder. I will warn you though, the cc3xp dll will pop up a console window as well (a debugging tool) to get rid of it, just delete the cc3xp.dll file when you are done trying this out.
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