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850Re: [cc2-dev-l] How to get the selection point of an entity ?

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  • Peter Olsson
    Aug 11 12:06 AM
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      As far as I know it only return the point used for the pick testing. The RD_Pick1 does not have snap or ortho, but I think modifiers are processed.


      It will be tricky to use the center modifier of a circle though as the point will not be on the edge. It will probably be better to include the logic in the command in that case. I.e. the user picks the circle and the command extracts the centerpoint.




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      Peter, will that work with the point selection modifiers like – get centerpoint of circle or get middle of path?


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      GPOINT2 *pPickPt;


      __asm mov pPickPt, edi;


      You have to be a bit careful with __asm statements. I often have to turn off optimization for the these parts in the release build.


      You might be better off with asking for a point (RD_2DC) and then scan for the selected entity (if any).

      You will need the function SetEachPickView() or SetEachPickViewEx(&PickedPt);

      Do a DLScan and test interesting entities with if(EPick(pEntRec))





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      Ämne: [cc2-dev-l] How to get the selection point of an entity ?




      I'm trying to create a command that breaks a line to insert some drawing and I need the coordinates of the selection point.

      I wrote a dynamic cursor that stores X and Y in global variables and it works fine except that it doesn't recognise midpoint etc modifiers.

      The RDATA.H says that with RD_Pick1 you get the entity at esi and the pk point at edi. I know that esi and edi are ASM registers but am at a loss at how to retrieve the info with C++.

      Thanks for any help...


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