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825Ok I've got a Visual Studio Compiler issue

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  • Larry
    Jul 10, 2010
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      On the wikiNotes project I've got:

      Error 0000036B1 - Not sure if that is an internal error number to the application, or a windows error.

      I've got multiple virtual pcs (XP and Windows 7) The dll works just fine on XP. It also works on Windows 7 if Visual Studio 2008 is installed. but not on a clean Windows 7 with just the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package installed.

      I can compile and run straight C++ dlls on the clean Windows 7 box as long as the compiler switch is set to MT[d] but if I set the /clr switch, I must change that to MD[d] and then it fails on the clean Windows 7 box. But, not on the Windows 7 box with Visual Studio 2008 installed. And, as soon as I set the MD[d] switch the dll starts to fail to load with the above error.

      Any ideas on what I need to install on the clean box? (other than VS of course ;-) )

      Thanks for your help.

      L. Lee Saunders