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814RE: [cc2-dev-l] Re: Updater

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  • Peter Olsson
    Jul 3, 2007
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      > If you can isolate just the raw binary entities of interest (the
      > hotspot entities, for example) from a data file then it should just
      > be a simple matter of appending the raw binary data to the new map
      > file.

      If the files are compressed it will be tricky to modify them from the
      outside. If they are in uncompressed mode it is possible.

      Are you using sheets? If you are new entities will be appended in the middle
      of the file. Otherwise you should be able to just insert your entities
      before the end-of-file marker.

      > Something that would work on it's own, even if the end user only has
      > the CC2 viewer.

      Can you use a script running in the Viewer?
      The needed commands (ACTION and SAVE) are available in the CC3 viewer.

      You can also do this from a plug-in XP. It will require a discussion with
      ProFantasy on licensing as you are not allowed to add draw and edit commands
      to the viewer.

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