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805RE: [cc2-dev-l] New XP Programming tutorial

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  • L. Lee Saunders
    Mar 8, 2007

      We talking 15-20 minutes a tutorial. Come on and bite the bullet! :-)


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      Argl.... great stuff. I really want to do these tutorials and even have
      installed the development tools already. But I never seem to find the time.


      On Thu, 08 Mar 2007 02:38:28 +0100, L. Lee Saunders <saunderl@...>

      > Everyone,
      > I've posted a new tutorial on XP programming at:
      > http://home.windstream.net/ls15426
      > This time I've started a multi-part tutorial on building a GUI
      > friendly replacement to the LIST command. (Thanks Erin D. Smale for
      > the idea) The code looks very simple but it took me 80+ hours to get
      > it this nice and clean. There is just so little information on
      > C++/cli in general and C#-C++/cli crossover that it was a lot of hit
      > and miss. but in the end I think that it was worth it.
      > The text is not very verbose, after working on it for so long I just
      > wanted to get it out there and start on the next one, but I figure
      > that if there is something that one of you do not understand, I can
      > and additional info to that section.
      > So, enjoy and remember to ask questions on the dev list if anything is
      > too vague.
      > L. Lee Saunders
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      Ralf Schemmann

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