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670RE: [cc2-dev-l] Re: Intersection Calls

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  • Peter Olsson
    May 2, 2005
      > Thanks, Peter. On the regular CC2 list, there has been a
      > discussion recently about trimming curved entities that
      > basically says that you cannot rely upon trimming curved
      > entities that the trimmed entities would, in fact, trim to
      > the proper point. Does that mean that these intersection
      > routines might not compute the exact point of intersection if
      > there are any curves involved?

      I haven't had time to follow the CC2-list so I can only give general

      1. All calculations are done with single precision floating point. It is
      easier to spot for curves than for lines (since they use more calculations).
      However I rarely see this as a problem for XP programming.

      2. Intersections between splines will mostly work

      3. Intersecting two ellipses will not work

      4. Depending on the entities you will get intersections outside the
      entities. I.e. if you intersect two lines the intersection point can be
      outside the entities.

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