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657Re: [cc2-dev-l] Long path to writing an XP

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  • L. Lee Saunders
    Apr 22, 2005
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      There are a few setup steps to get the IDE to produce an XP.  You can go one of two routes:
      One, the document XPDOC.PDF in the toolkit explains how to do both ASM and C.  The C version tells you how to setup v6 of the IDE.  Mapping is not 1-to-1 so it will take a little trial and error to get the settings 100%
      Two, you can open the *.dsw file from one of the examples.  It will automatically map the settings to your version of the IDE.  Then just swap the sample code with your code.
      I am working very slowly on a tutorial on how to setup the new .Net IDE to create an XP, but due to time constraints it is going VERY SLOWLY!
      If you need any help, just ask.
      L. Lee Saunders
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      From: bidmaron
      Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2005 9:44 PM
      Subject: [cc2-dev-l] Long path to writing an XP

      Lee, thanks for the help.  I now got past the problem of figuring out how to access the
      Core Windows Platform SDK.

      It turns out that I actually had it installed (in the Microsoft SDK directory I mentioned).  I
      just couldn't figure out why there was yet another setup.exe program in the danged
      directory.  Anyway, I found the following web page that helped me learn what I had to do:

      OK, so now when I try to compile my project, of course it can't find xp.h.  I can figure out
      that I need to add xp.h into the headers folder, but what about the executable/libary that
      goes with it?


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