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593RE: [cc2-dev-l] Starting XP development question

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  • Simon Rogers
    Oct 12, 2004
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      In CC2, the Tools menu replaces the Specs menu. The command you are looking
      for is XPCFG.

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      Sent: 12 October 2004 15:45
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      Subject: [cc2-dev-l] Starting XP development question

      I'm going through the FastCAD Programming Reference, and to view the
      installed XPs it's referring me to the SPECS menu. This doesn't seem to be
      available in CC2, or if it is I'm not seeing it.

      It's not crucial to what I'm doing, but I'd like to be able to see the about
      function for my XP. I suspect that I could just edit this into a MENU file
      if I knew what the commands were. Is this functionality available to CC2

      For the curious, the XP I want to write will allow the user to mark a
      rectangular area on a map, possibly constrained to one of several template
      sizes, and then create a detail map on an appropriate template. This would
      be used to create the beginnings of a detail map. This seems like a useful
      function, and it certainly represents an area I've been spending a lot of
      time on lately.

      Sam Robinson

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