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487Re: [cc2-dev-l] custom entity type: "tooltip" hotspot

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  • jslayton@ridgenet.net
    Sep 10, 2002
      Is it possible to get the main window handle and save the contents
      before opening the dialog? You should be able to close down the dialog,
      restore the bitmap, validate the entire window contents, and continue
      without forcing a redraw in the main window. The problem with this
      might be that you'd have to revalidate all of the child windows on
      the main window, so it may not be a reasonable option.
      The reason you're getting a redraw is probably that you're doing a
      lot of GDI work and the system dumps the background image that it
      saved when it displayed the dialog (also only goes up to some size
      dependent on dialog dimensions and desktop bit depth). GDI tends to
      be stingy on what it will save and for how long.

      Joe Slayton

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      From: Peter Olsson <peter@...>
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      Subject: Re: [cc2-dev-l] custom entity type: "tooltip" hotspot

      > I've noticed that some CC2 dialog boxes, when dismissed,
      > don't cause a map redraw, whereas others do. It seems (though
      > I've never researched it) that redraws are triggered only by the
      > larger dialogs and secondary windows.

      Most dialogs with previews cause this problem. A redraw is somehow issued
      when working with private (mode DL_Private) drawing lists. I have not found
      a way to avoid this redraw... :-(

      Now your e-mail is where you are : http://www.ridgenet.net
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