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480custom entity type: "tooltip" hotspot

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  • Christopher Golden
    Sep 9, 2002
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      I'm wondering if the following sounds possible to CC2 XP gurus:
      Create a custom entity that would be just like a polygon in
      structure (or a rectangle if that makes things easier). The
      entity could be visible or not; it doesn't really matter. The
      point of the new entity type would be its tooltip.

      Whenever the user hovered the mouse cursor over the entity, a
      tooltip (or balloon help) would pop up containing whatever text
      the mapper had associated with the tooltip.

      This way, we could add short map notes to a map that wouldn't
      require any clicking on hyperlinks. You could hover your mouse
      cursor over different features and get small bits of information,
      e.g. "West Mill" or "Manor House" or whatever.

      I know custom entities are possible, but I have no idea whether
      the hooks exist to get the mouse cursor position, relate that
      to the screen position of the tooltip-generating entities, and
      then put up a tooltip if the mouse is over one of them. (I
      realize some of this is straight Windows programming, but I'm
      also concerned that hooking into mouse position, etc. might
      mess up CC2.)

      Christopher Golden
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