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436RE: [cc2-dev-l] Re: Getting XP Toolkit Up and Running

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  • Bruce A. Carson
    Apr 17, 2002
      You are correct that the symbols themselves need to be moved (Symbol
      Reference Entity), but there is also an entity type of Symbol Definition
      which do not need moving. Essentially each type of symbol used in a map
      occurs once as a Symbol Def and all the Instances of that Symbol on the map
      are Symbol References to it.

      Also for the Symbol References you may only want to translate it's single
      starting point on the map rather than each "Y" location - otherwise you'll
      get tall/skinny symbols or short/fat ones depending upon which way you're
      going in the projection.

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      Thanks for the help -- I'll look tonight.

      I was thinking no undo because this is a one-time function, but you
      are reminding me I need a warning before-hand. The function needs to
      be able to work on a section of the map -- think of taking an
      Icosohedral projection & changing it to a pseudo-Mercator -- you'd
      work on each of the points separately (and as I'm envisioning it,
      work on the left side of each separate from the right)

      I think that point-items like symbols should be moved over, based on
      the position of their reference point.


      --- In cc2-dev-l@y..., "Bruce A. Carson" <bac@w...> wrote:
      > Look at the DLScan Function. This should point you in the right
      > You could just modify the Entity in place with your pointer to the
      > record, or use DLClone to provide for an "undo" feature. Since you
      > changing all the objects in the drawing with a single command then
      > UNDO isn't necessary because the drawing will become twice as large!
      > Just do the DLScan - getting a pointer to the Entity (you should
      > skip Symbol Definition Entities), perform your translation and when
      > complete, do a redraw.
      > Bruce
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      > Subject: [cc2-dev-l] Re: Getting XP Toolkit Up and Running (was: XP
      > Toolkit)
      > It appeared to compile without errors, but the 'about' I got when I
      > used it in CC2 was not right...So I'm sure that in my haste I
      > compiled something else.
      > This weekend was spent on taxes, so I'll weigh back in when I have
      > something real to ask. Right now I'm just splashing in the shallow
      > end of the pool.
      > What I'm inching toward working on is a function to re-project
      > sections of a map. I have an interrupted projection of my world,
      > I want to take right-triangled and right-trapezoidal sections and
      > stretch them out to rectangles.
      > I will need to select a section of the map, then loop through all
      > selected entities in the section, loop through all points in that
      > entity, and move the y-coordinate of the point.
      > If someone can give me a quick pointer to the functions (or an
      > example piece of code) that I should look at, I'd appreciate it. I
      > admit that wandering through FCW32.TXT to find the functions is a
      > daunting/time consuming.
      > Thanks for any and all help offered.
      > Steve
      > --- In cc2-dev-l@y..., "Bruce Carson" <bac@w...> wrote:
      > > Most likely things don't compile because your .lib or .h include
      > paths haven't been set to include the new stuff. And/or you have
      > > the Microsoft compiler always compiling as C++ (the .c/.h files
      > will spew errors and warnings unless you turn on the project option
      > > to compile .c files a "C" only - you can also do this on a file by
      > file basis).
      > >
      > > Bruce
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