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435Re: Getting XP Toolkit Up and Running

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  • sdavies2720
    Apr 16, 2002
      Thanks for the help -- I'll look tonight.

      I was thinking no undo because this is a one-time function, but you
      are reminding me I need a warning before-hand. The function needs to
      be able to work on a section of the map -- think of taking an
      Icosohedral projection & changing it to a pseudo-Mercator -- you'd
      work on each of the points separately (and as I'm envisioning it,
      work on the left side of each separate from the right)

      I think that point-items like symbols should be moved over, based on
      the position of their reference point.


      --- In cc2-dev-l@y..., "Bruce A. Carson" <bac@w...> wrote:
      > Look at the DLScan Function. This should point you in the right
      > You could just modify the Entity in place with your pointer to the
      > record, or use DLClone to provide for an "undo" feature. Since you
      > changing all the objects in the drawing with a single command then
      > UNDO isn't necessary because the drawing will become twice as large!
      > Just do the DLScan - getting a pointer to the Entity (you should
      > skip Symbol Definition Entities), perform your translation and when
      > complete, do a redraw.
      > Bruce
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      > Sent: Monday, April 15, 2002 6:30 PM
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      > Subject: [cc2-dev-l] Re: Getting XP Toolkit Up and Running (was: XP
      > Toolkit)
      > It appeared to compile without errors, but the 'about' I got when I
      > used it in CC2 was not right...So I'm sure that in my haste I
      > compiled something else.
      > This weekend was spent on taxes, so I'll weigh back in when I have
      > something real to ask. Right now I'm just splashing in the shallow
      > end of the pool.
      > What I'm inching toward working on is a function to re-project
      > sections of a map. I have an interrupted projection of my world,
      > I want to take right-triangled and right-trapezoidal sections and
      > stretch them out to rectangles.
      > I will need to select a section of the map, then loop through all
      > selected entities in the section, loop through all points in that
      > entity, and move the y-coordinate of the point.
      > If someone can give me a quick pointer to the functions (or an
      > example piece of code) that I should look at, I'd appreciate it. I
      > admit that wandering through FCW32.TXT to find the functions is a
      > daunting/time consuming.
      > Thanks for any and all help offered.
      > Steve
      > --- In cc2-dev-l@y..., "Bruce Carson" <bac@w...> wrote:
      > > Most likely things don't compile because your .lib or .h include
      > paths haven't been set to include the new stuff. And/or you have
      > > the Microsoft compiler always compiling as C++ (the .c/.h files
      > will spew errors and warnings unless you turn on the project option
      > > to compile .c files a "C" only - you can also do this on a file by
      > file basis).
      > >
      > > Bruce
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