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423Re: [cc2-dev-l] programmatically toggling new/old text metrics

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  • Christopher Golden
    Mar 27, 2002
      I'm following up my own post here; I had written:

      > So to sum up, it looks like CC2 is tracking the "use new
      > metrics" flag in two different places -- the header block
      > as you've shown me, and somewhere else -- and that the
      > second one is the one CC2 links with the state of the
      > checkbox in the TSPEC dialog, as well as the state of any
      > text entities created.

      To make sure that this wasn't a CC2-specific issue,
      I checked with Profantasy. They did not do any
      special coding to track the "use new metrics" flag.
      I assume that this means that the flag is actually
      being tracked in two different places in the core
      FastCAD engine. Any ideas as to where else I should
      look to find and manipulate the value of this flag,
      since the one in the header block does not appear to
      do anything?

      Chris G.
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