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420Re: [cc2-dev-l] programmatically toggling new/old text metrics

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  • Christopher Golden
    Mar 25, 2002
      Mike Riddle wrote:

      > The Txt2 entity has a variable TFlags. The TS_METRICS bit is set
      > for new metrics, and clear for old. EStruc.CPY has the base definition
      > for the Txt2 entity, and Geometry.cpy defines the text geometry flags.

      Interesting... I had looked in the GEOMTRY.H file for a flag
      like this, but I see now that it's not defined in the .H,
      only in the equivalent .CPY. So presumably I can simply de-
      fine it for my own purposes as equal to 0x8000?

      At any rate, I don't think I was clear. I'm not actually
      hoping to change existing entities' metrics; I'm instead
      wanting to alter CC2's current text properties, so that any
      future text entities will be created using new metrics.

      In other words, I'm hoping for a "Use New Text Metrics"
      command that would be akin to TSPECF -- but instead of
      changing the currently selected font, it would change the
      currently selected metrics.

      Thanks again,
      Christopher Golden
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