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400RE: [cc2-dev-l] loading a Set from a hotspot

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  • Linda Kekumu
    Jan 13, 2002

      Ok - VSETM as Peter says is in XPCC2 works just fine as long as it is the
      last statement in the hotspot text & in the format of VSETM;defaultset; -
      note there is no final carriage return after the last ; as is required for
      most hotspot commands

      With VSETM I was able to set up my 3 windows & am able to control the
      contents of the Main map window from the Navigation bar window :) It is
      working just great.


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      I don't think there is a macro command for that - In fact, VSETs is
      missing from V7 because we could find no one who used them. Obviously,
      I'll need to rethink that decision, and I'll see what I can do for a
      VSETM command.


      Linda Kekumu wrote:

      >Hi :)
      >What is the command to bypass the dialog for VSETs?
      >I want to be able to control a large number of different View Sets from a
      >Navigation Window. I have all of the sets & Named Windows set up but I
      >seem to get the Navigation Windows to actually load any of the sets. I just
      >get error messages & then the Drawing View Sets dialog box comes up. I just
      >want to be able to bypass this & directly load a specific set.
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