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278Re: [cc2-dev-l] Infoblocks

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  • Max Skibinsky
    Aug 12, 2001
      > The DLGetIBAdr function will return the address of a given infoblock, and
      > DLSetIBAdr will replace it with a new record. In V6 they are not scannable
      > records, nor can you add custom infoblocks. IBMGR.CPY lists the
      > allowed infoblock types.

      Thanks! In such case - is there any way to save current drawing as FCW file into memory buffer? I'm
      thinking how to make CC2 -> Overseer link more efficient. Current option is to save say 5 Mb map
      into file, then reload and decode the same file from disk in CO, and create exactly the same emory
      image in CO is just waiste of time and memory.... If i could save directly to memory, this memory
      can be piped to CO directly..

      - Max
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